IMG_1658Home, they say, is where the heart is. This is my home page. Herein, you’ll find my heart. Please be gentle with it. I should tell you what I’m all about on the “About Page,” but that page already has stuff on it, so I’ll say a few words here.

I say a lot of things, sarcastic usually, irreverent always, but the truth for me boils down to work. Call it vocation because that means so much more than just another job, I’ve had enough of those, but finding and leaving job after job has been my true vocation if that makes sense. It’s been the path to finding the truth of me. Work. In all its illuminating forms and disguises.

What we do as humans, whether for a paycheck or for personal reward helps us figure out who we are in the world. This is my journey, and I’m excited to share it, but I’m just as interested in learning about how vocation shows up for you. How we all find our way home.