The Long Haul To Love Via Australia


The first few minutes of the flight are exciting. It’s a struggle just to sit still in the seat. Nine months of waiting has finally landed with a big, fat thud on my cool new suitcase, that can split into two bags of exactly the same size so I can load it up with souvenirs, or, even better, a couple pair of extra shoes. This is how the “Trip of a lifetime” begins.

Dallas/Fort Worth to Sydney, Australia, the second longest direct flight in the world. The Flight Tracker scares the shit out of me. Really? Halfway around the planet? Only 15 hours and 41 minutes left? All of it over the ocean? Xanax. Thank God for Xanax.

The trip turned out to be everything a good travel adventure should be: Fun, exciting, stressful, and full of wondering and personal discoveries. I could lay it all out here, but nobody would read it. A blog is too short a medium to share something as huge as a “Trip of a lifetime.” I’ll break some things down later, once I’ve digested a little more, and I’ll share it as I can. I used to do some travel writing, so there’s a chance I can string together a few sentences that summarize an event or two. In the mean time, here’s the rough cut.

Sydney-The Opera House-The Harbor Bridge-(Kick Ass Flat Whites)-The Blue Mountains-Uluru/Ayers Rock-(Reverence)-Cairns-The Great Barrier Reef-(Swimming with sharks)-Palm Cove-(Ahhh)-Rainforest-Melbourne-Cricket-Penguins-Koalas and Kangaroos-Sydney-Climbing the Harbor Bridge-(Wow)-Home.

Time Frame:                            Three weeks.

Air Travel:                              Six flights.

Tour Buses:                            Too many.

Miles Walked:                         50

Pair of shoes ditched:              2

Hotels:                                    Five, one of which was particularly scurvy.

New Friends:                          Dozens.

Questions about Trump:     Hundreds.

Magic:                                        Every. Single. Day.

Quick summary: Once you discover travel is simply a way of meeting yourself in other people in a different venue, (the simplified version) you get to experience the real deal. We are all the same. We are all love. Travel Safely in the new year.










3 thoughts on “The Long Haul To Love Via Australia

  1. I was waiting to hear your thoughts on your trip to Australia and you did not disappoint! Exploring and adventure are magic! Loved the observation of meeting/seeing yourself in those you meet- good reminder.
    I also took the opportunity to re-read some of your 2016 post and found myself really enjoying them once again.
    Your perspective and phrasing of words causes me to reflect (which I appreciate) and I always find myself smiling.
    Thanks for sharing yourself and your experiences– truly a gift.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It is truly my pleasure. Thanks for reading me! Your comments are always an instant self esteem boost, so thanks to you for taking the time to comment!


  2. I’m ready to read more about your observations of your trip!
    So true how traveling allows one to bond with others we might not have bonded with in our daily lives. It Lifts my soul during those magical moments and takes me back to my belief in the kindness of humanity. Something we all need a little more of these days.
    I find those long journeys of travel especially ones I venture into by myself are much like my 23 day Outward Bound experience I took in my early 20’s. The emotional highs and lows brings about a complicated makeover in my depths that is difficult to put in words but changes me forever. I just have to remember as you stated we are really all the same…Thanks for the memories!


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