So…About The Current State Of Politics…


I almost never jump into the fray when it comes to politics. It’s not that I’m uninformed, uneducated, or disinterested. It’s because the vitriol and hate that accompanies the political clusterfuck in our country hurts me to the core. I’m just sensitive that way.

I can’t wrap my head around how supporters of a particular candidate can threaten to hurt, maim, or kill their fellow human beings based on a differing opinion. When did all this ugliness start? This is not the political process I learned about in school; the civic duty my parents participated in, and taught my brothers and me about. Maybe it was around the same time some mega churches started telling their parishioners how to vote. I don’t know about you, but I like a little separation of Church and State with my politics. I don’t want the blood from the meat mixing with the mashed potatoes if you catch my drift.

Let’s face it; we have one candidate who degrades women, minorities, and anyone who doesn’t agree with him, and another who’s been embroiled in one scandal after another for most of her political career. This is our choice. I have never wanted to be so uninvolved in my life. I don’t want to vote. I don’t want to participate in this hateful, disgusting display we are showing the rest of the world. It’s embarrassing.

And yes, someone please tell me how my vote counts. How I’m not allowed to complain if I don’t vote. Then please remind us all how the Electoral College always, really votes the will of the people. Those guys always have their constituent’s best interest at heart, right? Well, they do if they’re voting themselves a raise. Did I just read Social Security benefits were going up by about $5.00 in 2017? Wow. Generous.

People who work for the newspaper, The Arizona Republic have been threated with death and arson for endorsing Hillary Clinton. When did we become so un-American? How does politics have the ability to whip people into such a frenzy that we’re willing to annihilate our neighbor’s rights, and actually threaten to kill them if they don’t side with what we think and believe?

Maybe we should force Clinton and Trump to govern together. Both of them are smart. They both know how to get things done. Make the two of them sit together in a room and figure out what’s lacking in our country, and then come up with a plan to fix it. Not in four years, right now. Equal power. Equal input.

And if the two of them fail, as surely they will, We The People will find someone who can take care of business. The time for status quo has come and gone. We need a new political process in this country. One that doesn’t require billions spent by special interest groups when people in our country are hungry and in need. When our National Debt is beyond our ability to ever repay it.

It’s time for politicians to lead this country with love, or at least to act as if. And this is why I usually refuse to jump into the political fray. There’s no redeeming social value, actually, no value of any kind. Certainly there is no love. Nobody who truly loved their country and its people would spew such hate in order to serve it. Disclaimer: In all the jobs I’ve held, politician is not one of my former titles. But I’m certain I could do a better job. So could you. Perhaps this is our call to action.

Also, I’m going to subscribe to the Arizona Republic. I am a writer and a journalist at heart. You may not agree with what they write about and publish, but they have a right to run their business without death threats. It’s how we do things here in America. First Amendment. Freedom. Rights and all that jazz.

But hey, this is all just my opinion. You know, that thing we used to be free to share without being threatened. I’m interested in yours. Share it. I’m listening.











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