WANTED: Home and Llamas


It seems like no matter where I go in the world, I’m always looking for home. Not that I don’t have a place to live, I do. Currently, I reside in a great house, on a good block in a swell neighborhood. My stuff gathers there. My hats are hung inside. But it’s not home. It’s like a temporary way station until I find the real place. The place I finally put down some roots and refuse to yank them out again. Like I’ve done eight times in the last 10 years.

When I finally land, it will be in a house where I love waking up to greet the sun on the back porch. I’ll sit outside with a stellar cup of coffee contemplating the forecast of an amazing day. The kind of workday that keeps me busy enough to stave off any boredom but not so demanding it feels like a grind.

In the evening I’ll gather with friends who are likeminded and entertaining. People who like organic food and care about the environment. My friends are super smart and they laugh easily, but also care deeply. I never have to worry whether anyone has my back because they all do, and I reciprocate in kind. We often discuss serious issues, but instead of just complaining about the status quo, we all commit to take one small step to change our little piece of the planet for the good of ALL.

Some of us have different political views, but we love each other enough to listen carefully and respond thoughtfully. There is no blame or vitriol. Nothing ugly happens here.

My home will be the place I always think of when I’m away. The place I always long for because it’s where I’m happiest. Where my comfy bed lives in a large room just waiting for me to get horizontal and grab a good book. It’s a place where I grow some veggies and flowers so I’m always surrounded by living things and beauty.

Home. The scene where I laugh the most, and dance across the living room floor pretending I’m a rock star because, in my house, I am. Also, there are llamas in the yard, just because.

What says home for you?




3 thoughts on “WANTED: Home and Llamas

  1. Sitting in a hot tub, surrounded by loved ones (human and furry ones) in nature. Don’t need a big home just one that “feels” comfy, safe, peaceful when you walk in- welcoming. Like when friends come by they just feel like chatting, or grabbing a nap, or sharing something from the grill. And oh , all my “stuff” is there. Although, I too like that dancing in the living room!!😊
    Keep on blogging, love the way you share your perspective!


  2. Home to me is feeling comfortable in my own skin everywhere I go because my body is the one thing that goes with me everywhere. Like the other night at a memorial service for a dear friend’s daughter who died tragically after being hit by a drunk driver. I was reluctant to go as I knew it was going to be very emotional but it was the right thing to do. I wanted to be fully present for the whole family, their supporters, and myself. I consciously decided to walk up to the front row of seats where the family was sitting prior to the ceremony. I stood their in front of the sister to the mother. She rose and we hugged like I have never hugged before. I felt the full presence of her being and our bodies just collapsed into each others arms. I felt at home in our arms, in our tears, in our pain, in our presence. I went down the line with the entire family and felt the connection with each person and myself like I have never felt before. Being fully present in the moment is home to me. And I will remember those hugs always!


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