Zumba or Cake




I’ve never been accused of being cutting edge, especially when it comes to exercise. I do my best to stay slightly ahead of whatever health scares are all the rage, but truth be told, I could do better. This became all too clear recently when I purchased a Zumba DVD and promptly sat down to watch it—with a bag of chips and a cup of coffee.

Half a bag in, which is not the same as half in the bag, I realized the absurdity of the premise. A person is supposed to be up on their feet engaged in and participating with the smiling, skinny people dancing in the video. Duh.

So I got a TRX suspension trainer instead. The video wasn’t nearly as energetic or uplifting, but it was inspiring to look at all those hard bodies, and catch a glimpse (fantasy) of what was possible if I would just do the simple training program. Once my coffee was finished, I hung the suspension trainer from the ceiling in the loft and used it to suspend a stuffed monkey.

So I joined my local rec center. It costs me money every month, so I go. In the first week, I strained a tendon in my foot so bad I could barely walk. Turns out you can’t make up for six months of no exercise all in one day.

Based on my success with work, I’ve decided to handle exercise like I would a job. I’ll show up every day, do my absolute best, and then go home knowing I participated. Should be a piece of cake, and as long as I don’t actually eat cake, which I love more than life itself, while exercising, I should be in great shape in no time.

What’s your favorite kind of cake?

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