To All Who Labor


hats off


To those of you who drive in gridlock traffic, spend your days working to support yourself and your family, and still find the energy to do the things you love to do, you have my sincere respect and admiration. This thing that you do on a daily basis is a skill in which many of us fail, some of us, miserably. I fail at it miserably, and it confuses me because I have a killer work ethic.

Give me a list of tasks to do around the house, and I’ll hammer it out piece by piece. Ask me to run an unreasonable amount of errands: I’ll create a mental plan and unconsciously map a route to ensure its completion. Present me a writing assignment, and I will plant myself in front of a keyboard for as long as it takes to finish the job. But set me up in a traditional job with time clocks and dress codes and suddenly my skin doesn’t fit right.

When your skin doesn’t fit right anything can happen. Those of you, who’ve had this experience, know what I’m talking about. It’s a restless, anxiety-ridden place but one also filled with possibility. It motivated me to write an entire book about my massive failure at traditional jobs, and when I got brave enough to own my failure, I was able to make some incredible discoveries about myself. I’ve become an expert at failing and continuing to stand, thrive, and succeed anyway.

And so I come to write this blog, which is so much harder than just getting a job and sucking it up. So. Much. Harder. A blog should have a theme and the one I’ve chosen here, for the most part, is about work and vocation. This sounds like the worst possible thing for me to write about, but it feels right, for now, because I’m not trying to jump out of my skin. And when we talk about vocation, I think, not job but more about our life’s work. The thing our soul/internal wisdom/heart has decided is important for us to work on this time around. That, my Friends, is a big deal.

So, I hope we can continue the conversation wherever that happens to find us. In the mean time, to all of you who suck it up and show up for your jobs however that occurs for you, I bow before you, the hat is off. You rock.



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