Your Dog Understands You



“My dog doesn’t listen to a word I say.” Turns out, the dog probably does listen and likely understands, but whether or not, the dog chooses to obey a command had always been the real mystery, don’t you think?

This week, an NPR article reported that a study proves our dogs can actually understand what we say based on the tone we use in addition to the words we speak. Apparently they taught dogs to lie still in an MRI machine for eight minutes wired up to a variety of testing equipment while they repeated words and phrases in different tones.

Really? They could have just asked any dog owner and saved themselves the funding. Most of us know our dogs understand us; it’s why we have dogs in the first place.

My dog knows all the general commands like, Sit, Stay, Down and so forth. He’s good at those and he likes to be given direction. These are some of the other words and phrases he knows, and he’s not a breed well known for its smarts.

Those are not your socks.

Do you want a massage?

Do not eat the mail, well ok, this.

Where’s your baby?

Get out  of the closet.

Want a banana?

Let go of that rabbit.

Care for an ice cube?

Yes, they give out biscuits at the bank.

Is it time for a bath?

Go to work. (he goes into the office and lies down ready to greet the day)

You’re standing on my feet.

They were out of the peanut butter flavor.

That noise came from the TV, there is not a tsunami here in the house.

People have a right to walk on the sidewalk in front of our house, stop barking at them.

It’s time for bed.

Do you want a goodnight cookie?

The study from the journal, “Science” is legitimate. I checked it out and thank God the NPR Article dumbed it down because the abstract, “Neural mechanisms for lexical processing in dogs,” is a little heady. And it doesn’t tell us anything we didn’t already know.

What does your dog know that surprises you?

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